Diversity, equity and inclusion are topics that translate differently across the globe. Together we can build an international platform that address the various needs of our diverse communities and find effective solutions.

Our ambassadorship program is dedicated to creating cross cultural solutions by teaming with leading professionals within the hospitality industry. Our program provides the framework needed to develop mindful techniques and the communication skills needed to discuss diversity issues.

We educate and extensively train individuals to place them on a rapid trajectory that will enable them to create awareness campaigns that advocate, promote and support diversity & inclusion efforts.


Some of the main priorities for each ambassador are to facilitate with tracking and reporting diversity performance and results within their geographic designation. Other responsibilities include spearheading our global industry exchange program and creating new strategic alliances. 

Become part of a growing community that is transforming our industry in unique and innovative ways. 

Our mission is to advocate, support and promote diversity and inclusion within the international hospitality industry  


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